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Lisa Pasbjerg, DCSW, CMC, PCC is an executive and coach, trainer and presenter with more than twenty years of consulting and leadership experience working in the areas of health care, business, non-profits and education.

Educational Background and Leadership Roles:

After completing her graduate work at the University of Michigan, Lisa served as the executive director and President/C.E.O. of several non-profit agencies, including an international relief organization. In this position, she supervised the staff and operations, and oversaw the provision in any given year of $40-60 million of medical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals to those most in need in many of the poorest areas of the world. In this role and those that followed she honed her excellent skills and knowledge as a manager and a leader. She has also worked in key management positions in several large multi-site outpatient clinics, both private for-profit and non-profit hospital-based. Finally, her experience includes work in three health care systems, as well as a number of businesses.

Path to Executive Coaching and Training:

With a long-time interest in creative and innovative leadership guided by vision and heart, Lisa came to executive coaching through her work in management and leadership, and her nearly 20 years as a psychotherapist. The clients most frequently referred to her have been physicians, executives and other high-level professions, because they appreciated not only her expertise as a clinician, but also her broad knowledge and understanding of the pressures and challenges inherent in their work and personal lives.

As a highly accomplished clinician who supervised hundreds of other psychotherapists over the years, Lisa maintained a private therapy and supervision practice, parallel to the positions described above, since 1988. Attracted to the coaching model because of its focus on empowerment and building on strengths, she sought additional training as a coach for her target audience to help them improve their career performance, develop their true leadership potential and create for each their most successful possible life.

Unlike therapy, there is no stigma associated with coaching, and capable, talented people see it as a positive, rather than as a way to “fix” a problem. Clients see coaching as a way to get even better at areas of competency, and, as a way to reach their career and personal goals more quickly and easily.

Focusing largely in recent years on building her executive coaching business, Lisa finds that her in-depth skills in understanding people and what motivates them to be successful have served her as well here as they have in all of her previous leadership roles.

Training, Teaching and Presenting:

A former teacher prior to graduate school, Lisa has held adjunct faculty positions over the years at many colleges and universities, including the University of Michigan where she has taught graduate coursework. As a frequent presenter and interviewee over the course of her career for television, radio and newspapers, Lisa greatly enjoys sharing her interest, excitement and knowledge with others.

Additional Credentials:

In addition to her degrees and licensure, Lisa holds the DCSW, the highest national credential in her field, and is a member of ICF, the International Coach Federation, (the most highly regarded and the only independent accrediting organization for coaches) she adheres to their high standards of quality and ethics. She combines all these skills, credentials and life experience with her coach-specific training and certification through Mentor Coach, an ICF accredited program, to bring her clients the extraordinary level of wisdom, depth and expertise that creates an exceptionally powerful coaching/client relationship.

Contact Lisa at, or call her at 734-663-0420 for a free, no obligation consultation about your coaching needs.

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