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Are You at a Turning Point in Your Career?

Do Your Monday Morning Blues Start on Sunday?

Do You Need to Re-Invent Yourself After a Lay-off or Buyout?

Do You Find Yourself Unexpectedly Needing to Re-Enter the Workforce?


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions,

Strategic Career Re-Design™
Is For YOU!

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Create Your Own Advantage in a Tough Climate!

Let us work with you and support you through the process
of finding and keeping the perfect job, or, the "perfect job for now",
for you !


How Long has it Been Since You Last Looked for a job?

  • Most people that we talk to say they haven't looked for job in many years.
  • Almost everyone says it's been more than five, most people more than 10,
  • Many people say it's been 15 or 20 years since they had to actually put themselves out there to find work.
  • Some, even say that they've never really looked for a job, that all their jobs had been offered to them.

Does this sound like you?

If so, let us assure you that the world has changed rapidly when it comes to job hunting. The process has changed, the expectations of employers have changed, and in order to even get noticed in today's climate you need to
become an expert in how to manage this new world.

Let Us Help You Be Exceptional!

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We offer executive coaching and consultation regarding;

- finding your perfect work
- resume' building and optimization
- crafting excellent cover-letters

- modern job search and effective networking techniques
- interviewing

All the way to:

- negotiating offers, successfully juggling several offers and making a great back-to-work transition.


Job-hunting can be lonely work. It involves "putting yourself out there" and facing possible rejection over and over again on a daily basis. Especially in this economy, where jobs are scarce and applicants abound, it can be both discouraging and overwhelming.

Why Go it Alone?

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We can make it fun, even inspirational, as we help you find your
perfect work,
and teach you the skills you need to get there.

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