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What Coaching is Not:

Coaching is not therapy.  It does not focus on your past, healing deep emotional wounds, or resolving symptoms, such as those of anxiety or depression.  The coach assumes that the client is capable, creative and whole and able to work with the coach to develop a plan based on the client’s values and goals.

Coaching is not consulting.  Unlike a consultant, who is hired to provide the answers, the coach is not in a role to know all the answers and solve all of the client’s problems. The coach may frequently challenge the client to take action toward their goals, but does not” tell the client what to do”.

Coaching is not friendship. While the give and take of relationship is vital to all of us, coaching differs in that the focus is all on the client and what will give them maximum benefit.

Coaching is not cheerleading.  Anyone can offer basic support and encouragement; however, a coach also teaches specific skills to help people change their behavior.





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