ADHD/Performance Coaching

Because of our team's extensive knowledge and special interest in the challenges unique to those with ADHD, we receive many referrals to coach people who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and, often, other learning disabilities. These are most often exceptionally bright, talented individuals, who are not performing to the best of their abilities due to problems such as forgetfulness, memory, organization, time-management and impulsiveness, which are so often common to ADHD.

Does this sound like you?

If so, you'll want to know that Lisa and her talented associates especially enjoy working with high-level or "high-potential" professionals, and adult and late-adolescent learners in school, college, or graduate, medical and other professional school programs to help them:

  • Organize and manage time more effectively

  • Develop better study skills

  • Learn and utilize strategies to more quickly learn and retain information

  • Make better, less impulsive decisions

  • Improve relationships and develop stronger interpersonal support systems

  • Explore and identify possible supportive technology solutions

  • Stay on task and manage distractions

  • Identify and maximize use of individual strengths to enhance performance

  • Advocate more effectively and ask for what they need

  • Understand, appreciate and put into action their unique gifts, talents and abilities

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Also, be sure to consider setting up a complimentary coaching consultation to see how you might benefit from a coaching program customized to your unique situation and needs.

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