Executive Coaching

Navigate Change Smoothly

Many years ago, Steven Covey coined the phrase; "continuous whitewater" in describing the kind of situation new leaders would have to prepare for in the future. Little did we know, how true this would become as those at the helm of businesses, healthcare and other organizations have had to navigate more and more the tumultuous waters of change, (often-massive change), with little time to "breathe" in between each new wave.

Skills and knowledge in managing the specific processes of change, creating and embodying a vision and a clear direction, maximizing people's efforts and effectively using human and other resources to complete the tasks at hand will be critical. All the while, leaders will need to be maintain staff morale and alignment with organizational goals and gain and sustain customer, (or patient) goodwill and loyalty if they are to remain successful.

Develop Strong Teams

Not only are strong teams essential to a high performing and productive workplace, no workplace today can afford to have non-performers or unengaged employees holding back the team. Learning both the "soft" skills and the execution skills necessary to develop strong, effective and high functioning teams will be invaluable for today's leaders.

Build a Strong, Sustainable, Succession Plan

Not just in the C-suite, but also at the levels below, companies need to plan now to remain competitive in the future. Attracting, developing and retaining top talent and well as key knowledge will be critical to future performance. It is no secret that baby-boomers are "ageing out" of every large organization very quickly, and no action or too little action in this area is likely to lead to disastrous results in the next 5-10 years.

Develop Vital and Resilient Leaders

The ability to effectively manage stress, stay healthy and manage not just time but energy levels, will be increasingly important to maintaining a vital, productive, high-performing organization. Executives and "high potentials" will need to learn practice and model the habits necessary to continue to sustain the level of resiliency needed to inspire the future organization.

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