What Others Say About Lisa

"Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with me during our coaching sessions. The coaching sessions were invaluable to me professionally and I have been able to go back to our discussions over and over again as reminders when handling tough leadership issues. Your advice was insightful, relevant and easy to use in a practical sense. Thanks again for making our sessions so profitable for me"


I found that the leadership coaching helped me to identify and articulate my strengths and weaknesses, and to become more aware of how to capitalize on the former and work on the latter. Coaching has also allowed me to more clearly identify relationships and situations where leadership is expected, warranted, or welcomed. Since beginning the coaching I feel like I am a more effective leader and communicator, and that my relationships with staff and colleagues have been enriched and are more productive.
Some specifics that I have noticed are:
  • I readily and instinctively recognize the impact of my words and actions and conduct myself accordingly. This can include being careful and conscious of how I message and frame information, how I conduct or participate in meetings, and the manner in which I agree or disagree with someone.
  • I readily and instinctively give praise and appreciation for not only good work done at the time but for overall contributions to the team.
  • I am more direct in articulating my expectations for people and in keeping them accountable.
While what one gets out of it is going to be different for every individual, coaching with Lisa has been incredibly important in giving me the confidence and tools to be a more effective leader and communicator, and in being able to dissect out the ways in which relationships are critical to effective leadership.

Randall S. Sung, MD

"I am pleased to recommend Lisa Pasbjerg to you as a leadership coach and consultant. I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa as a personal leadership coach for a period of six months and have grown to appreciate her insight, sensitivity and expertise in the area of personal growth. My organization committed to leadership coaches for its senior leaders as a part of a cultural transformation process that started in 2009. Lisa was professional, kind in her critiques, and helped develop reachable and meaningful interim goals that led to completion of the ultimate goals contributed by my CEO. I continue to work daily to apply the lessons learned and continue to receive feedback from my peers on their appreciation for my improved positive manner. I would highly recommend Lisa Pasbjerg to you for any assistance you may need in developing leadership improvement goals and programs."

Steven Driggers, MD
CMO/VP Physician Services Holy Family Memorial

"I would definitely recommend Lisa as a coach. I found her to be supportive, and, an excellent reference for resources and ideas on how to improve as a person and a leader. Also, she was able to get me to really do some important self-reflection, which I always believe is tremendously valuable, as whatever gets identified gets fixed or changed. She was great as a coach and I really enjoyed working with her as well. I hope that MidMichigan continues to utilize the opportunity for future potential leaders to have this coaching option available to them."

Lorie Mault, R.D., MSA, PHR, CLRS
Director of Employee and Labor Relations
SBU Director of Neuroscience MidMichigan Health
Midland, MI

"The coach can serve as a two - way mirror between and for the client and the leader being coached. This affords a 'safe place' for communications we either self-censor or find rejected when offered, and provides a bit of needed 'leverage' to get past sticking points Lisa was able to establish a productive relationship with an individual who fundamentally did not see the need for change on his part; he did make material progress in this regard, and her approach was instrumental in making this happen."

Mark H., 
Chief Executive Officer
Midwestern Catholic Hospital

"I would highly recommend Lisa as a coach. Lisa is a very charismatic person and easy to get to know. This characteristic makes it easy to open up and discuss strengths, weaknesses, etc. She has a deep well of leadership experience to draw from that will help her clients reach their goals. And perhaps most important, Lisa follows-up to make sure you live up to your commitments."

Zack Luick
Purchasing Manager
MidMichigan Health
Midland, MI

"Lisa has helped me tremendously with issues related to Adult ADHD such as motivation and organizational skills both at work and at home. She is a kind, compassionate coach who is both energetic and insightful. I feel the coaching that I have received from Ms. Pasbjerg has been invaluable and I respect her knowledge base and expertise. I recommend her highly and without hesitation."

David P. Tucker, IT Professional
Howell, MI

"At first, (the idea of coaching) was "not on my radar." A colleague recommended this and I thought, "What a great idea" for someone to help with strengths in the workplace. However, I was nervous that it would be like an ineffective workshop with someone else's agenda.

My perception has changed! It is crisp, rigorous, and stimulating and has opened up a whole world of thinking that I had never really emphasized in my life but that gives me fulfillment. The biggest benefit so far has been that it has helped me make sense and value of my life choices and decisions. And, it has helped me navigate a major career transition. The best part is that it is stimulating and fun and I can be anywhere.

I would definitely recommend Lisa as a coach! She is bright and knowledgeable and makes sure the agenda is yours, not hers. She opens up your thinking and explores your values to widen and encourage expanded thinking. And, if you need accountability, she makes sure it's specific to your own personal goals and commitments."

Dr. Lisa, MD
Plymouth, MI

"Before I received coaching, I really didn't know what to expect. I was somewhat skeptical that it would make a difference, but I remained open to the possibility Now, I believe that it's a terrific service and have been suggesting it to my peers.

The biggest benefit for me was that my coach helped me think about and approach my situation in new ways. I was able to apply what I was learning in the relationship with my supervisor and also my peers. I now very much enjoy my current role in this organization and I hope I can help them enjoy theirs as well.

I would definitely recommend Lisa as a coach. She was very reinforcing and full of great ideas. I used many of the ideas generated in our coaching and they made a difference in my job satisfaction and in the level of trust between my supervisor and me. The experience was completely positive."

Tom Holevinski
IT Leader at a large midwestern health system

"A little over a year ago, I was pretty desperate because I had a looming deadline to turn in the first three chapters of my dissertation and I was nowhere near the end. I believe God answered my prayer when he led me to this website, because an Angel answered my plea for help and worked with me.

After only two months of coaching, I had my first three chapters completed and submitted before my deadline! Additionally, my chair was very pleased with the quality of my work and I've only had to do a minimum of correction. I never thought it would be possible to complete three chapters in two months because I had been on those three chapters for two years with no success! Needless to say, without this coaching, I would have probably dropped out of the program. I thank Lisa Pasbjerg from the bottom of my heart for coaching me toward the finish line."

Alicia Gonzalez, PH.D., District Educational Director

"I worked with Lisa as an executive coach several years ago, and I want to enthusiastically recommend her to you. I found her to be well qualified for her work, especially given her extensive background in a related field. She was consistently helpful, professional and timely in her work. Her questions were always on point, challenging, and in at least one case, illuminating in a life-changing way. I would recommend her to others looking for an executive coach- and in fact, have done so several times."

Douglas Brouwer, FORMER Senior Pastor
Zurich, Switzerland

"Lisa challenges me. Lisa provides a safe environment for growth. She asks the hard questions in a way that works for me. She holds my agenda. Lisa has me in mind throughout the week-sending me pertinent resources that I need and want. I love coaching with Lisa. It's a very productive use of my time, money and energy.

Cindy Steele,N.P., Small Business Owner
San Francisco and Springville, CA

"I did not have any preconceived notions about professional business coaching before I learned about the service. Quite frankly, I had never heard of it. Although I am familiar with coaching in sports and have benefited in that arena to tune my performance., I had never considered the role in a business setting. I thought a lot about it and was at a point in my career where I could really use a sounding board and some professional guidance, so I was open to the idea.

My perception has not changed, but rather crystallized. It was the right decision for me. I have worked with Lisa now for 6 months and during this time have gained momentum in a positive direction towards a new career. Having made the commitment to reach my professional goals and working with someone on a regular basis to discuss and circumvent perceived roadblocks to these goals has been extremely helpful. The best part for me has been the result of brainstorming with Lisa. This has lead me to new ideas and, in turn, exposed windows of opportunities that I would not have thought possible to explore on my own. Because of this I have challenged myself and moved beyond my "comfort zone". I am more positive about the future.

The lessons learned are applicable every day. Lisa takes a holistic view of success in the world. I stop to appreciate things that are going right in all areas of my life. On the other hand, I also take the time to acknowledge what is not going right and explore the options available to make the changes necessary or to find a solution to remedy the situation. Working with Lisa has been a positive experience and brought about real change in my life. I would highly recommend her as a professional coach."

Aimee Lahann
IT Professional
Ann Arbor, MI